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Frequently Asked Questions

How much alcohol is in your desserts?

We follow Federal, NY, and NJ local state laws. In compliance with local state laws: Our products may contain anywhere from less than 0.5% Alcohol By Volume (ABV) up to 5% ABV depending on the treat and in which state it's sold.

Our treats are up to 5% alcohol by volume  and may only be consumed by those 21+ years of age.

As with any product that contains alcohol: (i) women should not consume alcohol during pregnancy because of the risk of birth defects, and (ii) consumption of alcohol impairs your ability to drive a car or operate machinery, and may cause health problems.


Do I need to be 21+ to purchase Tippled Sweets?

Yes, at checkout you must verify you are 21+ before placing your order. The recipient must be 21+ to receive the order. If you are underage you may not order or consume Tippled Sweets liquor infused products. 


How do you infuse alcohol into your products?



How many of these do I have to eat to get drunk?

Is this a serious question? Ever try the science experiment where you put a bottle of vodka in the freezer, and it doesn’t freeze? Alcohol prevents freezing.

If you are wanting to eat ten pints of ice cream and want to get a nice buzz (let us know how it works out for you if you try), a local bar or pub is probably better fit for your needs.

I can taste the liquor in your product, but my friend cannot. Why is that?

This answer is two fold... 1-Every individual has a different level of sensitivity in their pallet, and 2-Every liquor type has different properties and just like a cocktail, when combined with other ingredients, the final product will adapt to all of the ingredients combined.

For example, Vodka comes in many flavors because it is naturally like a blank slate and will take on the flavor you introduce it to. So in a dessert, it will be a milder liquor to work with in comparison to Whiskey.


I am pregnant/on the wagon/not 21 years of age.  Do you have anything I can eat?

Yes, we are a family owned business and love being family friendly, therefore, we do make virgin options.


What is the shelf life of Tippled Sweets?

To eat or not to eat? Our products are made fresh with no preservatives. Our frozen desserts will  stay fresh for about 4-5 weeks when stored at zero degrees Fahrenheit. Our freshly baked goods will last about 2 weeks in the refrigerator. All our desserts are best consumed right away!


Are Tippled Sweets nut-free for allergies?

Some of our flavors are nut free, however, our products may contain any or all of the following: eggs, gluten, dairy, nuts, caffeine, soy, and bacon. Our products are made in a facility with nuts and may contain traces of nuts.


When should I order for my event?

We suggest ordering at least 10 business days before your event. We process orders in 1-4 business days depending on order volume to our store. If you need your order delivered by a certain date please add this to the order notes AND send an email to We will do our best to accommodate your request. 


Does Tippled Sweets deliver via messenger to my town?

Currently, we do not because traffic happens, and no one wants to eat soupy ice cream.


Do you ship?

Not at the moment, but we hope to in the near future! Stay tuned.

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