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Catering Life Events & Milestones

From concept creation to execution...

We cater parties of all sizes and types, from engagement parties to birthday parties for kids, and kids at heart.

We believe there is always something to celebrate!


Contact us for a custom quote for your special event and #LetsGetTippled !

What's on the menu?

Frozen Desserts

Premium Frozen Custard (ice cream with egg), Philadelphia style Ice cream (no egg), and Sorbets (sorbets are 100% dairy free and made with fresh fruit).



We offer a variety of freshly made pastries that are filled with different boozy flavored mousse creams and can be topped with your choice of glaze and toppings.



Adding a spin to the traditional banana pudding, our puddings come with a variety of inclusions, and they don't all contain banana.


Desserts In A Jar 

Pies, Tarts, Tiramisu, Cakes, and so much more that can be perfectly served in a jar! 


Middle Eastern Desserts

These delights are meticulously made using family recipes that have been passed down for generations!

Festivals and Fairs

We will be participating at the following fairs for the 2022 season!  New events are added periodically throughout the year, so make sure to follow our social media @tippledsweets to get our menu drops and updated schedule...

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Our Retailers

Thank you to all of our customers and your demand for our products. We have been collaborating with venues to carry our products outside of events and fairs.


 Know of a great venue for our products? Contact Us and let us know where you would like to see us!

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