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Our Story and getting to know us...


Our family owned business was born out of a love for food and a desire for a great time. A wife and husband duo, we (Sandy and Julius) are known for our events and gatherings throughout the years, and it was time to share our passion for hospitality!

Julius grew up on Cape Cod, MA and worked in an ice cream shop during his high school years, where his passion for the food and the beverage industry began. Having moved to NYC in 2000, Julius fell in love with the NYC hospitality scene and drove his desire to bartend and create cocktails for his customers. Like a well-balanced cocktail, Julius is equal parts spirits expert, bar consultant and customer service professional. He is a certified Beer Cicerone and Wine Sommelier and enjoys sharing his knowledge with his clients. With a passion for experimenting with flavors, Julius has received several accolades in the mixology world. Anyone who knows him, knows he has a very developed palate, that even Sandy is still amazed by!


Sandy, as a little girl, was always in the kitchen with her grandma, mom, and aunts. Everything they made was always with fresh ingredients, and never canned or jarred. The joke in the family is "We don’t do 'recipes'... more like "a spoonful this" or "a dash or sprinkle of that"... Sandy's mom keeps all of her recipes, passed down to her for generations, in a 1950s notebook (an actual picture of the family recipe notebook is below!).

Sandy is a NYC native who was born in Queens and raised in the South Bronx. Being of Egyptian heritage and growing up in the kitchen, constantly cooking and baking is embedded in her culture and way of life. As the founder of an event production company, Sandy has professionally planned events of all sizes and occasions for over two decades.

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The Small Details

The concept of Tippled Sweets was born in the summer of 2019 out of the thought "Why isn't there an adult ice cream truck?". Well, we found out it's because its illegal (sort of) and there's so much legal red tape and laws to work through! So while we navigated through all of the Federal, State, and local County laws,  we also navigated how to work a business with your spouse/partner (the verdict is still out on which is harder to navigate). The COVID-19 hit the world, and while we were quarantined, we spent a lot of time tinkering with new recipes, tweaking, failing, and ultimately perfecting what we have to offer you (within legal limits of course)!


Now, baking with spirits doesn’t mean you can just go and pour a bottle of whipped cream vodka into your brownie batter and expect a delicious miracle. Alcohol affects texture, moisture and flavor. It’s mixology at a whole new level! Ever try to put a bottle of vodka in the freezer? The alcohol wont freeze... and so when adding to frozen desserts, there is a tipping point where your ice cream just wont freeze.

Sandy has an educational background in science, so learning the science of food (Yes there’s a complete science to this) was a new type of "experiment" for this duo. The kitchen during the pandemic quarantine was our lab. Research/Science came natural to Sandy and flavor tinkering came natural to Julius. We are constantly experimenting with flavors, combining the best of the sweets world with liquor profiles, to bring you a delicious dessert experience.​

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