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Let's get some delicious boozy (or non-boozy) desserts to you ASAP!

New account setup


We love our customers and are always happy to share our products with new shops!

Please fill out the below form to initiate your account setup. The Agreement below must be electronically signed and submitted in addition to payment authorization completed to finalize account setup.

Once the Wholesale Agreement form is complete, we will be in touch soon to coordinate Payment Authorization and delivery logistics. If you have any questions, feel free to email and we can help you through the process.



Step 1: Read and Fill out Wholesale Agreement Form below. A member of the Tippled Sweets team will contact you within 2 days to set up your first order.


Step 2: Complete an order form and Email by 1:00pm ten days before you would like to receive the order.

Please include the name of the store and delivery day in the subject line of the email.


We can't wait to start working with you!

Tippled Sweets Wholesale Agreement


To qualify for wholesale purchases, you must be a valid retail business, and by agreeing to our terms and conditions you certify that you are such. You are only authorized to sell through the retail store or website that you have listed.


Tippled Sweets, LLC (herein after “Tippled Sweets" and/or "Seller") acceptance of your (the “Buyer”) application and wholesale orders is expressly made conditional on Buyer's agreement to these terms and conditions. The terms and conditions set forth on this wholesale/buyer application, order confirmation and/or invoice will govern ALL transactions between the Buyer and the Seller. Seller specifically rejects any terms or provisions which set any standards, specifications or damages related to quality and time of delivery or which contradict or purportedly claim to supersede these terms and conditions. 

By requesting Tippled Sweets to supply Goods to you, you acknowledge and agree to these Wholesale Terms and Conditions. 


Minimum Order Value

All wholesale customers Opening order/Reorder is a $299.00 USD** minimum.

**Before delivery costs

Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, payment for the Goods shall be made at the time the order is placed. Orders may be canceled within 48 hours of the order placement. To cancel an order, promptly email

We reserve the right to alter our prices at any time unless prior invoiced.

Tippled Sweets accepts cash, credit card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express), checks, and cash apps.


1. If your payment is declined or rejected a $50 fee will be added to your bill. This is non-negotiable.

2. Your deliveries will be stopped until payment has been made in full.

3. If a payment method information is changed you must re-fill out the authorization form at


Tippled Sweets may refuse to accept or cancel any order or delivery of Goods at any time by giving written notice to Buyer.  Seller shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever arising from such cancellation. At the discretion of Seller, a credit memo and/or refund- in this instance only, will be processed.

Any variation to any order must be agreed to in writing. The total price may alter as a result of any variation and Buyer agrees to pay any increase. 

Due to the perishable nature of good, refunds will not be processed. When applicable, a credit memo will be issued to be used towards a future order or invoice.

Ownership of the Goods shall pass to you upon payment in full of the purchase price for the Goods.


All export and import documentation, licenses, duties, taxes or other obligations or costs relating to the delivery of the Goods shall be the Buyer’s responsibility. 


Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, Seller shall arrange delivery of the Goods to you and you will be responsible for the costs associated with delivery. Delivery is not included in the cost of goods and will be charged on each invoice.

Delivery Window:

Please allow at least 10-14 days from the time of your order for completion of items. Larger orders may require more time; please contact us for information about availability.


The Buyer must make any claims of defects, including but not limited to those related to shortages, quality, or specification, within the first 2 days after receiving the Goods. It is the responsibility of the Buyer to inspect upon receipt, that all Goods delivered matches the items ordered / invoiced.

If a part of the order is delayed or if part of the order is deficient, the order may only be remedied for that part of the order.

Damages and Defects:

Please inspect all shipments immediately upon arrival. Please contact Tippled Sweets at  upon arrival of receipt of damaged or defective shipments.


Buyer hereby waives any claim for damages resulting from any defect Buyer is aware of, including late delivery, at the time Buyer accepts the merchandise.


It is the responsibility of the Buyer to inspect upon receipt, that all merchandise delivered reflects exactly the items purchased and invoiced (See item #4 for Notice of Defects). 

Purchases made by Buyer through Tippled Sweets Wholesale are ineligible for return. Under certain conditions, exchanges may be made for unsatisfactory merchandise. Whether or not items are eligible for exchange is at the sole discretion of Tippled Sweets. In the event of an exchange of merchandise, the Buyer is responsible for all delivery fees. 

If you find an order does not meet our high quality standards and you feel a credit needs to be applied to your account please follow the below procedures.

  1. Review and inspect all orders upon arrival.

  2. Please take photos product and send to with a detailed explanation of what happened.

  3. After review we will be happy to credit your account for the goods.



You undertake to use the Brand Name and, if required by Tippled Sweets, Logo when advertising Goods supplied by Seller and anywhere where the Goods are described or named including on websites, labels and invoices. Any attempt to remix, repackage or represent our product as your own is strictly prohibited, without expressed written consent of Tippled Sweets.

Tippled Sweets grants Buyer a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable, and non-assignable license to use the Tippled Sweets Brand Name and, if applicable, Logo for the purposes mentioned above in this section.

You must not use or permit the use of the Brand Name or Logo in any manner that would be detrimental to or inconsistent with the good name, good will, reputation and image associated with the Intellectual Property of Tippled Sweets.

The license in clause in this section may be revoked by Seller by written notice to Buyer. 


Tippled Sweets shall not be liable:

  1. where you have altered or modified the Goods, misapplied the Goods, not followed Tippled Sweets’ instructions in respect to the Goods or have subjected them to unusual or non-recommended use or handling;

  2. for defects in any Goods manufactured by any Third Party;

  3. for loss or damages caused wholly or partly by any factors beyond our control, including, without limitation, any loss resulting from a delay in production or supply of the Goods;

  4. for any indirect or consequential loss of any kind. 



These terms and conditions may be amended or replaced from time to time by Tippled Sweets. Any order placed after such amendment is made will represent an agreement by you to be bound by the amended terms and conditions.


Buyer(s) have carefully read and agree to these Terms and Conditions. If any term, provision, covenant or condition of this agreement is held by a court of competent jurisdiction or an arbitrator to be invalid, void, or unenforceable, the remaining terms and provisions of this agreement will remain in full force and effect and shall in no way be affected, impaired, or invalidated.

The parties have executed this Agreement as of the date first written above.

Thanks for submitting!

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